I am passionate about psychological and physical well-being and my mission is to help people get more active or thrive in sport by building a strong sense of self-worth.

Many years of research and work experience have led to understanding the multifaceted nature of well-being, where mind and body are closely connected. We can train our body but we all need the right mindset to push ourselves to and beyond our limits and achieve a great sense of fulfilment and our full potential.

I have a background in the neuroscience and behavioral field, and am currently dedicating to sport psychology research.

As a Senior Swimming Coach, I have worked with individual athletes and teams on a daily basis teaching and facilitating their psychological, technical and performance skills, strongly basing my work on an athlete-centred coaching approach. One of my favourite quotes in my coaching capacity is:

“A coach has the opportunity to get to know each and every athlete, and the duty and privilege to get into the exciting shared journey of becoming stronger and better individuals”

In organised sport settings, my interests are mainly in – but not limited to – youth sport, athletes’ well-being, motivation, self-esteem and self-confidence, parents in sport, coach-athlete-parents relationships, dealing with injuries and set-backs, and career transitions.

In fitness and exercise, the individual’s will to make a change becoming more physically active, is the first step to achieve goals and ‘feel good and healthier’. At TheMindsetGoal, the support of individuals on the journey to become ‘the healthier version of themselves’  will provide better chances to achieve long-term change, and greater sense of fulfilment.